The Ibcli is a simple command line tool that lets you do some (mostly) powerful things. It leverages the Infoblox api, but provides a wrapper to the more complex (and detailed) API calls with a simple command line syntax.

It also lets you create batch scripts so you can configure an Infoblox SDB without writing any scary perl.


Do not call Infoblox support expecting help, do not hassle them because this cli doesn't work. I wrote this tool in my spare time because I wanted the functionality. If you have questions or bug fixes, email me : 'horne-ibcli (at)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Version 3.110 is now available

Yes, a new version number

About Every 10 years I switch to a new version control system. I'm now using SVN instead of CVS. I don't care what you think about this, It's working for me.

ibcli has been surprisingly stable in the last 6-9 months and there have been very few changes, but this week I found an ugly bug with deleting fixed addresses so I thought I should release a new rev.

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What's New in Version 3.110

    Auto Generate hosts

    You can post process a zone and create host records

       conf zone mod generate_hosts

  Copy a zone to another view

    you need the source and destination zone and views

        conf zone copy  view  to  dest_view  
        conf zone copy view int to dest_view external

  Show information about an IP address

      show ipam address

  Add a network to a discovery job

    Each network gets added to the current discovery job

      configure ipam discovery add network

  Show a discovery job

      show ipam discovery

Other cosmetic cleanups :

    Fixed the syntax for adding 'forward_to' zones

       conf zone add forward_to, member

    Configuring a host for no dns (disable for dns)

       conf zone add host pc2 ... nodns

    You no longer need the network when working with ranges or fixed

       conf network add fixed ... option = [opt =value>]
       conf network add fixed .. option 82="some data"

       conf network add range
       conf network add range view default

    Show Member DNS settings

       show member  dns 

       show member dns

        ( You can also get there from the zone command )

       show zone member

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