The Ibcli is a simple command line tool that lets you do some (mostly) powerful things. It leverages the Infoblox api, but provides a wrapper to the more complex (and detailed) API calls with a simple command line syntax.

It also lets you create batch scripts so you can configure an Infoblox SDB without writing any scary perl.


Do not call Infoblox support expecting help, do not hassle them because this cli doesn't work. I wrote this tool in my spare time because I wanted the functionality. If you have questions or bug fixes, email me : 'horne-ibcli (at)

Monday, March 9, 2009

For the next releae

For the next release I'm working on 2 new features. One is adding Extensible attributes to networks and other 'non-host' objects. The second one is more tricky, it has to do with modifying hosts. The command(s) I'm proposing are something like :

conf zone insert host ...
conf zone update host ...

If you go to modify a host and it isn't already there, you will get an 'object not found' error. This happens a lot if you are going back later and trying to import a pile of IPAM data on top of a pile of DNS data (it is never a 1-1 match).

So you have to do 2 passes :
  • Modify the existing hosts
  • Walk the error log and add hosts that didn't exist.

So I'm proposing a comand that will first try to MODIFY the host, and if there is an error, then try to ADD the host.

But, and here is the problem. Which is more efficient ? MODIFY then ADD, or ADD then MODIFY (or do we need both)

What are your thoughts ?