The Ibcli is a simple command line tool that lets you do some (mostly) powerful things. It leverages the Infoblox api, but provides a wrapper to the more complex (and detailed) API calls with a simple command line syntax.

It also lets you create batch scripts so you can configure an Infoblox SDB without writing any scary perl.


Do not call Infoblox support expecting help, do not hassle them because this cli doesn't work. I wrote this tool in my spare time because I wanted the functionality. If you have questions or bug fixes, email me : 'horne-ibcli (at)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Version 3.40 is now out

Get the Code
Get the Release Notes
Get the User Guide

New in Version 3.40 :

Changes to TAB completion and other commands
Extended attributes
Support for more zone types
A Records and others can now be added to different views
Networks can now be added WITHOUT a default member
Move Networks to different members
Configure Member DNS settings
Configure Member DHCP settings

We now have RSS

I moved the website to blogger to get RSS feeds and announcements. The Code and files are hosted on (But it doesn't have RSS capability, go figure)