The Ibcli is a simple command line tool that lets you do some (mostly) powerful things. It leverages the Infoblox api, but provides a wrapper to the more complex (and detailed) API calls with a simple command line syntax.

It also lets you create batch scripts so you can configure an Infoblox SDB without writing any scary perl.


Do not call Infoblox support expecting help, do not hassle them because this cli doesn't work. I wrote this tool in my spare time because I wanted the functionality. If you have questions or bug fixes, email me : 'horne-ibcli (at)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There is something new

I'd like to announce 'NIOS Mobile' (or NiMob if you prefer).

This is a sweeping change and the replacement to ibcli.

Yes I've decided that it's time to retire the CLI (you can keep using it, I guess) and and move to an interface that makes more sense in this day and age.

You can find all the details here:

This is, of course a beta release. YMMV.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Version 3.70 is now available

Get the Code
Get the Release Notes
Get the User Guide

The latest dev/experimental release is on the r3.80 branch in github, it gets updated randomly (it depends on me remembering to do a push)

What's New in Version 3.70

    You can now enable and disable views

       conf zone modify view internal enabled
       conf zone modify view internal disabled

    You can now rename Hosts

       conf zone modify host test name test2

    Show networks with their details

        show network details

    Show networks matching an Extensible Attribute, 
        you can use multiple 'info' arguments

        show network info Site=west
        show network info Site=west info Closet=24

    And show the detailed version of the above searches

        show network info Site=west details

    Fixes to the IPAM searches, and you can now request 
    multiple next_available IP addresses

        show network ipam next_available 5

    You can now download log files from multiple grid members

        download log_files <file> <log_type> member <ip>

Monday, April 2, 2012

Version 3.60, now with GitHub

A new version, a new DVCS. No, this is not an april fools joke.

Get the Code
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New in Version 3.60:
  Deleting scheduled updates
  Show all the networks that have a common network_container
  'Show network stats' now uses Infoblox::IPAM::Statistics
  Show the next available network

The last significant update to ibcli was nearly a year ago, So I'm
declaring this thing "As stable as it will ever be" and releasing it
into the wild. Perhaps there are folks out there who have their own
fixes, or just patches they want to send me.

Also, with the introduction of CSV import/export into NIOS 6.x has
reduced the need for ibcli for bulk operations, I find I don't use it
as often as I used to.

Or maybe it's time to develop the hacking guide, try and explain the
bizzare parser I'm using, fix the documentation, and do other things that
would be easier if other people were involved.

Anyway, you can git it here:

Yes, I switched the code from 'SVN' to 'Git', I won't affect you, since
you never had access to the repos (until now). I've ported as much of the
history as I could, you might find it interesting.

And, since you ask, Why GitHub ? Well I ended up getting involved in a
few projects that were using it, So it was sink or swim. Now that I'm
down this road, I was the logical place to put ibcli.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Version 3.110 is now available

Yes, a new version number

About Every 10 years I switch to a new version control system. I'm now using SVN instead of CVS. I don't care what you think about this, It's working for me.

ibcli has been surprisingly stable in the last 6-9 months and there have been very few changes, but this week I found an ugly bug with deleting fixed addresses so I thought I should release a new rev.

Get the Code
Get the Release Notes
Get the User Guide

What's New in Version 3.110

    Auto Generate hosts

    You can post process a zone and create host records

       conf zone mod generate_hosts

  Copy a zone to another view

    you need the source and destination zone and views

        conf zone copy  view  to  dest_view  
        conf zone copy view int to dest_view external

  Show information about an IP address

      show ipam address

  Add a network to a discovery job

    Each network gets added to the current discovery job

      configure ipam discovery add network

  Show a discovery job

      show ipam discovery

Other cosmetic cleanups :

    Fixed the syntax for adding 'forward_to' zones

       conf zone add forward_to, member

    Configuring a host for no dns (disable for dns)

       conf zone add host pc2 ... nodns

    You no longer need the network when working with ranges or fixed

       conf network add fixed ... option = [opt =value>]
       conf network add fixed .. option 82="some data"

       conf network add range
       conf network add range view default

    Show Member DNS settings

       show member  dns 

       show member dns

        ( You can also get there from the zone command )

       show zone member

Friday, June 11, 2010

Version 3.48 is now available

New in version 3.48

Fixes for Network Views
Network Discovery
Network Containers
Member status and licenses

Get the Code
Get the Release Notes
Get the User Guide

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Version 3.46 is now available

New in version 3.46

Scheduled updates
Network Views for ranges and fixed addrs
Template fixes
Next_available IP
and other stuff

Get the Code
Get the Release Notes
Get the User Guide

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What versions of NIOS does ibcli work with ?

I was just asked the question :

Given the various versions of listed,
what is the recommended way to validate which
version of should be used - based on
the version of NIOS that's on the GM that ibcli
will be interacting with ?

The answer is : "Use the latest version of ibcli, always".

Wherever possible I've tried to make ibcli backwards compatible, including working around known bugs, and inserting multiple versions of code (such as support for extensible attributes or IPAM fields).

If you use an old version of ibcli you won't have access to some of the commands. If you use a new version of ibcli against an old version of NIOS, some commands just won't do anything ( type 'set debug 1' to see the failures )

And, as usual, if you find a bug, let me know.